Best Cycling in Tucson – Road Biking The Loop River Bike Path

The Tucson Loop has over 100 miles of shared bike paths.

The Tucson Loop has over 100 miles of shared bike paths.

Dificulty: Easy

Average time: 1 to 2 hours

Ride Mileage: 21 to 40 miles

Climbing Elevation: None

Type of ride: Flat

Road/Mountain: Road


Best Cycling in Tucson:  Spacious, wide open, well-maintained bike paths await Tucson cyclists.

ROAD BIKING TUCSON, Arizona – The Rillito River bike path also know as “The Loop” is a great ride along the river beds of Tucson. This bike path offers the leisure cyclist some of the best cycling in Tucson.

For free Tucson Loop River maps click here.

You can get from one end of town east to west or west to east with no traffic or lights. For the most part both sides of the river has a bike path so it does not matter what side of the river you are on.

The river path system is a great way to get to the various rides within Tucson without having to deal with traffic and lights. It is the safest way on a bike to travel across town.

Along the route there are plenty of bathroom and water stops.

So as you look at the various bike rides in Tucson on this site, think about using the river path to get you to where you want to go. For the novice rider The Tucson Loop ride is some of the best road biking and cycling anyone could enjoy. Families, beginners and those looking for easy leisure biking will also enjoy the vast spacious roads of Oro Valley’s Saddlebrooke as well as Green Valley’s Quail Creek.

Here is a cool Tucson River Loop ride You Tube video shot as if you were riding on a high speed bike. This gives you a lightning fast view of what the who ride is like! Special thanks to our friend Nick.

What The Bike Bandit Says…

“The Tucson Loop Path is a great place to bike stress free. Bring the family.”

Jason, The Bike Bandit Jason, The Bike Bandit