Mountain Biking Arizona: Tucson's Prison Camp to Molino Basin Mountain Bike Trails


Mt Lemmon – Prison Camp to Molino Basin – Tucson, Arizona Photos

What The Bike Bandit Says About Prison Camp to Molino Basin Mountain Bike Trails

“I love just letting it go and doing the downhill on the Mount Lemmon Prison Camp Trail. Very challenging and fun.”

Jason, The Bike Bandit Jason, The Bike Bandit

TUCSON, Arizona – Mountain Biking – Depends on where you are coming from,  the Prison Camp trail starts at the southwest end of the Gordon Hirabayashi campground before it descends to the Molino Basin campground. It is in fact the final section section of the Arizona Trail until you reach the upper part of the mountain, and officially part of the “Redington” section of the AZ Trail. If you will be gong down from Bug Springs, the trail will mostly be short and downhill coupled with a number of technical surprises. There should be a number of short climbs here and there, but for the most part it is fast, fun downhill. Intermediate riders can handle the trail but be careful since there are parts that could catch you off guard if you are not careful. For riders not so gravity-oriented, it is just as fun to ride UP the trail, too!

What The Locals Say About Prison Camp to Molino Basin Mountain Bike Trails

“Mount Lemon Prison Camp Trail is a rush! Bring water. This is a great adventure trail.”

John Martin – Scottsdale, Arizona

Be aware that this trail is frequented by hikers and equestrians. Unlike the higher Mt. Lemmon rides, there isn’t much shade on this trail so it can get intense in the summer, so take plenty of water. Exiting through the campground will put you right back out on Catalina Highway. Unless you leave a vehicle at the trail exit, it’s a 2-mile ride back up Catalina Highway to Gordon Hirabayashi Campground.

Directions to Mt Lemmon – Prison Camp to Molino Basin Moutain Bike Trails – Tucson, Arizona

Directions: Pick the Mt. Lemmon Highway to the Gordon Hirabayashi campground then at the turnaround you can find the trailhead at the southermost point.

One of the best ways to park your vehicle is at the Molino View parking lot just south of the Fee Station, and shuttle up to Green Mountain. From there, you can ride conveniently to Green Mountain, Bug Springs, and Prison Camp, which ends just a mile or so uphill from your parked cars. There is also a shuttle service from Southwest Trekking fot those interested. The service requires at least six riders at $15/person.

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