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Mountain Park Trails – Tucson, Arizona Photos

What The Bike Bandit Says About Mountain Park Trails

“I think any great mountain bike vacation starts at Tucson Mountain Park. Great family area that includes the Desert Museum and a great camping spot. Parts here are rigorous and you will be happy to have a full suspension bike. Scenic, fun, and a decent trail for mountain bikers of all levels. If you need mountain bikes delivered and picked up to this trail or any trail, call the guys at BTW, I love Tiny’s Saloon & Steakhouse on Ajo Way. This is very close by. Break-ins are a problem if you park up at the zenith of Gates Pass.”

Jason, The Bike Bandit 

TUCSON, Arizona – Mountain Biking – Tucson Mountain Park is big region within the Saguaro National Park East that contains trails that should make anyone smile. The area something in store fore everyone whether you want a bike ride, a stroll with the kids or some climbing hobbies, Tucson Mountain Park has it all. There are also many campgrounds and picnic areas that provide restrooms and water, and you can also visit two of Tucson’s largest attractions: Old Tucson Studios (famous for many western movies) and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. You will also find many parking pullouts, most of which are within very close proximity to trails, or are trailheads themselves.

In general, Tucson Mountain Park’s trails are grouped very well into fairly definitive skill levels. Like other trails in Tucson, Tucson Mountain Park offers a number of social trails, and most trails are not marked. That being said, it is very difficult to get lost in TMP, just don’t forget the general area and where you parked.

Beginner Riders and Kid-Friendly: If you’re a mountain biking beginner and want a great place to ride with your children, you’ll want to stick to the trails located West of Kinney Road (across from Old Tucson) and South of McCain Loop road. The trails are usually flat, swoopy, with a few wash crossings. Best to park at pullout K11, K14, or within the Ironwood Picnic Area. Trails such as: Ironwood, Kerr Jarr, Mariposa, Triple C, and Gates Pass, which would make a great “easy” loop.

Intermediate Mountain Bike Riders: Intermediate riders will find options too so if you’re looking for this, stick to the trails North of Gates Pass Road and East to Brown Mountain. The trails at the Base of Brown Mountain are Intermediate, but the moment you start climbing Brown, you will see that it gets Advanced, fast. For fantastic riding, park along any of the “G” pullouts along Gates Pass Road (most popular being G5), and string together a ride as long or as short as you want. For people who prefer longer rides, park in the Richard Genser trailhead in the Starr Pass area, and climb over the pass yourself on Golden Gate trail.

Advanced Mounta Bike Riders: Brown Mountain is the truly advanced trail and it is no joke. Steep, lung-crushing climbing, tight switchbacks, some exposure, brutal rock gardens, but the ride is worthy. It’s not a fast trail by any means, but if you like the a serving of gnar with your cardio workout, ride this ride!

Directions to Mountain Park Loop Moutain Bike Trails – Tucson, Arizona

Directions to Tucson Mountain Park: Starting with I-10 head west on either Saint Mary’s Road or Speedway Boulevard. They will eventually merge at Camino de Oeste and become Gates Pass Boulevard. Drive and enjoy because you’ll be heading through the Saguaro National Park, which is one of the most scenic spots in Tucson. Drive carefully, the road is narrow and can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention. After you crest the pass and start your descent, you’ll be seeing pullouts on your right. The intersection of Kinney Road and Gates Pass Boulevard is at the heart of the trails.

Mountain Bike Incredible Tucson!

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