Mountain Biking Arizona: Tucson's Three Bridges to Lakes Road Trails


Three Bridges to Lakes Road Trails – Tucson, Arizona Photos

What The Bike Bandit Says About Three Bridges to Lakes Road Trails

“This is a fun, fun ride. Great fast mountain biking terrain with great views. Beginner and intermediate friendly. I love mountain biking into the wash canyon area nearby three bridges -especially after a rain. It feels like a rain forest down there.”

Jason, The Bike Bandit

TUCSON, Arizona – Mountain Biking – You will find another incredible trail of the Arizona Trail, this route from Three Bridges at it’s Northern end to the Lakes Road at it’s Southern Head. It begins at the Southern end, the trail heads northeast past the Twin Tanks, then mostly north crossing several small roads. It turns briefly to the west and then back north again, crossing several more roads and then reaching Sahuarita Road. The trail loops north and then east and goes under Highway 83 at a culvert. Following a short traverse across the desert, the trail then passes the Old Sonoita Highway before joining a two-track road. Then after a number of road junctions, like the powerline access road, the trail goes off the road then proceeds north up to Interstate 10. Then it goes under I-10, it climbs up onto a ridgeline and follows that to the Davidson Canyon Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead.

The trail is mostly fun, fast and flowing.  It can also be considered as a gentle 600′ climb beginning at the northern Gabe Zimmerman trailhead for around 11-miles before cresting at about 4200 feet elevation. There is also a somewhat downhill to the southern trailhead. What’s the best part about the climb? It is that you get around 10-miles of mostly downhill back to your car. It is best to plan accordingly because out-and-back you’re looking at a 24-mile trip. Bring lots of water. There is not much cover through this section so it’s bound to be hot during the summer months.

Directions to Three Bridges to Lakes – Mountain Bike Trail – Tucson, Arizona‏

Directions to Three Bridges Parking: Go to Interstate 10 South out of Tucson and get off on exit 281. Turn a left before crossing over the highway. Once done, you should hang right onto Benson Highway  or Frontage or Marsh Station Rd instead of merging back onto I-10. When you’re around 3.0 miles in, you should swing into the large dirt parking lot on your right, before you cross a bridge over a creek. After this, you’ll come up on ahead with two train bridges above and to your left. When you are at the parking lot, you should go northeast and go down into the canyon, wind under a train trestle and climb back out. Hang a sharp left on the dirt road, cross over the paved road, under the OTHER train trestle, and you’ll see the trail due west, just on the other side of the flattened barb-wire fence. If you do not prefer such then you can go to the Canyon, just ride along the road until you get across the bridge.

Directions to Lakes Road: Go to Interstate 10 South/East out of Tucson and get off on exit 281, heading South. Continue for around 7.4 miles until you come across a dirt road on your right. Turnright there and drive a short distance, past a wash. You’ll see the parking area on your right, with the AZ Trail there.

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