Mountain Biking Arizona: Tucson's Meadow/Aspen Draw Mountain Bike Trails


Mt Lemmon – Meadow/Aspen Draw Trails – Tucson, Arizona Photos

TUCSON, Arizona – Mountain Biking – Get out of the Tucson desert and save yourself about 20 degrees!

The Lemmon Aspen Meadow Trail is an incredible, cool ride, and a fun descent, but not incredibly long.  You get only seven miles with the steep asphalt uphill should you choose to hit the pavement first. Aspen Draw is singletrack for almost all of the return downhill but because it’s so short, this is a loop you will probably want to do twice.

What The Bike Bandit Says About Meadow/Aspen Draw
Mountain Bike Trails

“Mount Lemon is full of incredible trails and is one of the most underrated mountain biking areas in the country. Most of these trails, Meadow Aspen Trail requires at least intermediate skills. You need to be able to handle your bike. There are a lot of hikers here, so please be careful.”

Jason, The Bike Bandit

Eat in Summerhaven and Ride
Lemmon Meadow Aspen/Draw Trails Again!

You can ride, eat and ride it again in Summerhaven. Compared to the Tucson Basin, it is 30 degrees cooler plus it feels of it. Be ready because the air should be a lot thinner because of the 8,000 to 9,000 ft. elevation. Riders will most likely be able to notice this. Be prepared for the uphill on the little used road to the Observatory because it is quite hard and the singletrack comes with technical challenges (logs, roots, tree stumps, switchbacks, etc.). The area is multi-use so there should be hikers around. Make sure you are extremely because the trail comes with lots of blind corners, requires lots of speed. You should also be cautious about other possible trail users and try to yield to anyone coming up the hill.

Directions to Mt Lemmon – Meadow/Aspen Draw
Mountain Bike Trails – Tucson, Arizona

Directions: Proceed with Mt. Lemmon Highway to the top (Summerhaven) and then place your vehicle in the paved area when you reach the village. If you choose to ride up the road, get on your bike and ride up Bowie Street/Turkey Run Road, which is due West of the parking lot. You should see it turn into a dirt road, then dirt double-track, and will split at the END of Aspen Draw on your left. Go to the right so you’ll reach a singletrack that goes up alongside Ski Valley Road, that will eventually lead you to the Ski Valley parking lot. From here, ride through the paved road to the Observatory on the top of the mountain.

If you choose to go on a shuttle, leave your car at the parking lot then backtrack a little to the then proceed to the large dirt pullout near the top.

Aspen Draw Trailhead: From the dirt pullout, take the dirt Jeep road due East, toward the radio towers. After you go through the chairlift, you should see the Aspen Draw trail to your left. Point your bike down, and have fun!

Aspen Meadow Trailhead: If you prefer your ride to have come with some climbing, and a great detour to the Mt. Lemmon Fire Station, you can ride Aspen Meadow trail before Aspen Draw. Just continue to go through the paved road from the dirt pullout a few hundred yards and you should find the parking lot to your left, with restrooms, etc. When you look to the southeast corner of the fenced electrical area, you should see the Aspen Meadow Trail. It will eventually lead to an splendid meadow (hence the name), down some technical singletrack, and end at a “T” intersection/old jeep road overlooking Tucson far below you. Go to the left of the road and enjoy the vista. At some point you should come across a Y with the left fork heading uphill back where you started. You will find the Mt.Lemmon fire station lookout down the right fork of the “Y.” It is one of the oldest still standing, and is located on an outcropping of rock with an amazing view. Riders will have to leave their bikes at the “Y” as it is Wilderness Area past this point, although it is just a short walk to the lookout. From the “Y” begin with a challenging climb up the rocky jeep road, and eventually, when your lungs are about to explode, you should be at the top. From there, you can work your way back to the dirt pullout and head down Aspen Draw.

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