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Discover Tucson/Southern Arizona’s Best Trails!

While Tucson, Oro Valley and Southern Arizona is known as “Road Biking Capital of the World”, the reputation for mountain biking for this spectacular area continues to soar. Mountain bikers from all over the world flock to Tucson for a blend of incredible cross country, scenic, challenging mountain biking while enjoying great weather. No Arizona mountain biking vacation would be complete, however, without exploring the “Big 4” mountain bike trails of Oro Valley/Northwest Tucson that include HoneyBee Canyon (Arizona’s most scenic trail) Upper 50 Year (scenic and challenging) Old Pueblo Trail (home of the famous Epic Race) as well as the majestic Tortolita Trail.

Tucson Mountain Bike Rentals and Daily Tours

Mountain bike Tucson’s top mountain bike trails with high end Specialized mountain bikes! Daily pickup/delivery of all mountain bikes by appointment to HoneyBee Canyon and Upper 50 year trail as early as 6am.

Tucson’s Must Do Mountain Bike Trails

From scenic HoneyBee Canyon and Upper 50 Year to Sweetwater, don’t leave Tucson until you bike these top Tucson/Oro Valley trails.

Best Mountain Bike Trails Near Tucson Airport

If you are staying near the airport, you are near several great Tucson mountain bike trails.

Family Friendly HoneyBee Canyon Wows!

HoneyBee is fast, fun, flowy, scenic and great for bikers of all levels.

Pickup Mountain Bikes at The Trail!

Bike tour company picks up and delivers mountain bikes to HoneyBee Canyon and Golder 50 Year Trail.

Tucson Mountain Bike Trails / Mountain Biking Tucson