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Best Cycling Rides Tucson

Best Tucson Road/Cycling in Oro Valley/Tucson

Cindy Metz

Cindy Metz
Cycling Editor

America’s greatest road biking and cycling destination is Tucson and Southern Arizona. We have the greatest collection of challenging and scenic climb rides. Cyclists flock to Tucson and Oro Valley for wide, safe streets, sunshine and incredible scenery. Oro Valley, nestled up against the splendid Catalinas, is America’s top retirement destination for cyclists as well as the seventh safest community in the USA. Discover Arizona cycling today!

ORO VALLEY/Arizona - Cycling in the Oro Valley/Marana part of Northwest Tucson offers road cyclists more than just miles upon miles of fantastic, challenging and scenic biking. Beautiful Oro Valley is also home of safest cycling routes in America

CYCLING TUCSON, Arizona – Montainous biking can create both physical and weather challenges as you prepare to bike the seminole rides of Mt. Lemmon and Mt. Graham. Smart cyclists coming in from low elevation are wise to consider some great

Best Cycling/Road Biking Routes in Tucson

Desert beauty, wide roads and plenty of eye candy.

Tucson's Best Cycling Climb Rides

Tucson is the top destination for pros to train.

Arizona's Top Climbing Ride: Mount Lemmon is the best!

Colossal Cave Pistol Hill Bike Ride in Tucson, Arizona is one of the most popular rides on the southeast side of Tucson.

Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Bike Path

Off-peak and shoulder season is best.

Best Tucson Cycling Routes

Car-free 130 mile Oro Valley/Tucson Loop is the centerpiece of your cycling vacation. Oro Valley is Arizona’s Mecca of biking. This great road biking destination offers the best, most scenic, and safest riding.

With unlimited options for safe biking, here are places in Tucson worth avoiding. Highway 83 to Sonoita is scenic but terribly dangerous.

Bicycling The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Bike Path

Tucson’s most popular attraction and best “things to do” is the 130 mile Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Path! Starting in Oro Valley with the breathtaking Catalina Mountains in the background, bike car and carefree, discovering beautiful Oro Valley, downtown Tucson and circle Tucson by bicycle. The Tucson Loop has water stops, restrooms, fantastic hotels, restaurants, nightlife, coffee shops, art, parks and great things to do like golf ranges, birding and plenty of shopping. America’s greatest bicycling system is Tucson’s number one attraction and vacation experience.

Tucson Webcams For Cyclists

Tucson and 4th Ave Live, Streaming Cam

Tucson Live Web Cams Courtesy of the Arizona Bicycle Association

4th Avenue is centrally located and filled with many fantastic restaurants, music and entertainment opportunities. 4th Avenue leads directly into Downtown Tucson and is also just several blocks west of the University of Arizona. The Tucson, Arizona urban bicycling scene is vibrant and exciting! The biking is safe with spacious bike lanes and will makes for an oustanding “things to do” experience. We love the Tucson urban bicycling scene for the rich Tucson history, old houses dating back to the 1800s. Downtown Tucson, 4th Avenue, University of Arizona and the historic Sam Hughes neighborhood is a fantastic chance for a self guided Tucson sightseeing experience. This area is only miles away from the Tucson Loop.

Tucson Mount Lemmon Web Cams – For Cyclists Courtesy of Arizona Bicycle Association

Mount Lemmon is one of the top climbing and mountain bike destination rides in the world. Pros and amatures from all over bike to the top of Mount Lemmon, enjoying a challenging 6900 elevantion climb ride. Enjoy and prepare for Arizona’s number one road biking experience with our fantastic Mount Lemmon web cams provided by the Arizona Bicycle Association.

Mount Lemmon Web Cam at General Store
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Top Of Summit-Radio Ridge Mount Lemmon Web Cam
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Looking South From Community Center
Mount Lemmon Web Cam

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