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The Top Safest Oro Valley Bike Rides and Routes

The Top Safest Oro Valley Bike Rides and Routes

Oro Valley/Northwest Tucson Offers
Arizona’s Best, Safest Road Cycling

ORO VALLEY/Arizona  – Cycling in the Oro Valley/Marana part of Northwest Tucson offers road cyclists more than just miles upon miles of fantastic, challenging and scenic biking. Beautiful Oro Valley is also home of safest cycling routes in America today. Here are the top safest road biking opportunities and routes in the Oro Valley, Marana and Northwest Tucson area. These road bike routes are great for bikers of all levels.

Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Bike Path

Oro Valley has become the preeminent retirement destination for road, mountain and gravel bikers thanks to its bevy of safe roads and streets. However, it is the 130 plus mile, car-free bike path that starts in Oro Valley that separates this beautiful community the rest. The Loop is one of the great cycling wonders of the world, offering bikers and walkers of all levels the chance to safely enjoy Tucson biking while enjoy our magnificent desert beauty. The best family “things to do” in Oro Valley often center around our incredible bicycling system. For a more splendid Tucson bicycling vacation, start your journey by parking at Catalina State Park. Catalina State Park connects to the Oro Valley extension of The Loop.

Enjoy the perfect day with your family by renting a bike, cycling the park, then hike out to any of their fantastic trails. Catalina State Park also offers camping. Sleep. Hike. Bike and enjoy the Oro Valley/Tucson Loop!

This chick loves biking The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop!

Oro Valley Cycling Resources

Tucson Bike Rentals

Oro Valley Bike Rentals

Friends of The Tucson Loop

BikeTucson.com – home of The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Interactive Map

Road Biking Vistoso Boulevard of Oro Valley

Cyclist enjoying a morning on Vistoso Boulevard.

Without question, Oro Valley’s Vistoso Boulevard is the most beautiful desert road in the Southwest. This picturesque road has the soaring Catlinas to the east and west, vast Saguaro cactus via HoneyBee Canyon mixed on this boulevard of beautiful homes. Bike the neighborhoods and get an idea of why cyclists retire here. There are days where the cyclists out number the cars. Tourists from all over are impressed by the clean, well-maintained roads and wide bike lanes.

And while you are here, get off the bike and enjoy a stroll at HoneyBee Canyon Park. This beautiful desert, saguaro laden oasis rises to its glory at sunset and sunrise. The mountain bike trail (Big Wash Trail) is a mile away and is a mountain biking paradise – considered to be the best in Arizona! Rent a mountain bike and Tucson Bike Rentals will deliver and pick it up to you right by the trail. Amazing.

HoneyBee Canyon Park


Cycling Marana’s La Cholla Airpark on Moore and La Canada

Here is a nice alternative to The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop. This is a very family friendly ride – perfect for the kids and aviation enthusiast.

After you get done biking down Vistoso, go west on Moore Road, past La Canada and take a right on North King Air Drive.  The La Cholla Airpark is a private (non-gated) community with beautiful roads with very little traffic. The highlights of your ride will be looking at some majestic haciendas, horse properties and airplanes in people’s driveways. A real cool site: some guy combined his house with a 747!


Both Saddlebrooke retirement communities are great to bike.
La Cholla Airpark has a house built
out of an airplane.
Wide streets and little traffic make this airpark awesome.
This house is partly built out of an airplane.
La Cholla Airpark is a cool place to ride.

Biking north Oro Valley’s Saddlebrooke retirement community’s

Saddlebrooke is a serious golf and biking retirement community. They even have their own cycling club that ONLY includes its residents. They are snooty. This is a private community with 26 miles of pristine black top and plenty of space and shoulders for bikers. Their is a convenience store and restaurants at the golf courses. This is a fun, safe and challenging way to do a ride. This community will give you some elevation gain – especially if you start your ride near the Oro Valley Market Place. Tucson locals bike this area a lot. This community sits on 1200 acres and there is abundant wildlife and hiking nearby. All of Saddlebrooke is a perfect Oro Valley cycling experience that is perfect for families looking for things to do.

Locals Tip: Look for Hawser Street just past Burger King on Oracle Road, take a right and negotiate your way to Saddlebrooke. This is a pretty ride and a little bumpy from time to time, but worth it.

Road Biking Twin Peaks going south to The Loop – Dove Mountain/Marana

You can park at Savaya Coffee at Twin Peaks and Tangerine. Then take a spectacular ride down Twin Peaks on the huge bike lane (or you can take a bike path to the right) and enjoy the spectacular Tucson Mountains on the right. You will feel like you are in a Hollywood old west setting. This is the greatest ride at sunrise or sunset. (Well, bike anywhere in Marana and Oro Valley at these times and you will be in awe.) Take Twin Peaks to The Loop after you cross over the highway. Go back to Oro Valley or head south to Downtown Tucson.

Standing at Twin Peaks and Tangerine, you can do road bike north to The Ritz Carlton, but this road is narrow and it is a fairly safe ride. We do not like this ride during rush hours during the busy tourism season. This ride is one of the most scenic rides in Arizona.

Saddlebrooke West retirement community of Oro Valley

Another Saddlebrooke gem! This development is just north of its parent community. Saddlebrooke West offers easy riding and the roads are brand new and flat as a pancake.

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Catalina State Park of Oro Valley, Arizona

Not a lot of miles to be had here, but take your time! This is a must do bike ride for young kids and families and any anyone looking to enjoy one of the most idyllic desert state parks of the American Southwest. Park here. Bike here. Then you can go directly to the Oro Valley extension of our Loop bike path.

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Local Bike Shop: Oro Valley Bicycle

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From distracted drivers, potholes to searing heat, cyclists face many hazards and dangers when tackling the open road. Few expect - or are prepared - to face a black bear attack.

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